Breadwinner: I need to work and earn to manage

Krit Singh and wife Arun Lata in their home at Khalsa Rd in Nasinu. Picture: RAMA

FOURTEEN days without work means Arun Lata and her family will have to survive on whatever they have at their Khalsa Rd, Nasinu home.

Ms Lata, who works at the Suva Flea Market, said because of the lockdown she is forced to stay home.

She said her husband was disabled and all the responsibility of providing for their home fell on her shoulders.

“I am the breadwinner for my family and because the lockdown was announced all of a sudden, we didn’t get the time to prepare,” she said.

“We are not FNPF (Fiji National Provident Fund) members so we cannot take advantage of its benefits nor do we have a backup plan.

“My husband is only getting the social welfare food voucher because of his disability, but that is barely enough.

“Fourteen days is a lot of days and I need to work and earn to manage.”

She said they would use their savings to buy her husband’s medicine.

“My husband is a diabetic patient, and the medicine is very costly, but we will get it because we have no other option. Lockdown is good because people get to spend time with their family but how will they feed their family if they are not employed.”

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