Boxing officials plan to lift sport

BCF chairman Sara Bulutani. Picture: FT FILE

BCF chairman Sara Bulutani. Picture: FT FILE

THE Boxing Commission of Fiji officials expect a good year for the sport after the completion of their first term in office yesterday.

BCF chairperson Sara Bulutani said they endured lot of challenges in their first year of operation and looked forward to a better outing this season.

“We have gone past a tough section of our journey with controversies, dramas, miscommunications and finger pointing that has placed professional boxing and Boxing Commission of Fiji under the spotlight,” he said.

“Also a lot of questioning to how professional boxing is managed in Fiji — in addition it has reached a point where members of the public are questioning the capability of BCF and its board members.

“The negatives surrounding the sport had brought down the reputation of the sport and we continue to lose the trust of the public and boxing fans, and professional boxing has become a laughing stock to the public and even international followers.”

He said since the establishment of the BCF through the Boxing Commission of Fiji Promulgation 200,8 there have been many positive changes.

Bulutani said a lot of sacrifices needed to be made to improve the standard and the reputation of boxing in the country.

“We have seen changes to the BCF board and must be thankful that the Government is still supporting us. We must also not forget we managed to make small progressive steps in as far professional boxing in Fiji is concerned but we should not be complacent with those few key achievements, a lot has to be done for professional boxing in Fiji.”

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