Boxing commission not happy with promoter

Majesty Boxing Promotion promoter Sudesh Kumar speaks with boxer Sivan Hermez at Sukuna Park in Suva on Friday. Picture: PAULINI RATULAILAI

Majesty Boxing Promotion promoter Sudesh Kumar speaks with boxer Sivan Hermez at Sukuna Park in Suva on Friday. Picture: PAULINI RATULAILAI

THE Boxing Commission of Fiji (BCF) said yesterday that all boxers had been cleared to fight except New Zealand-based Iraqi boxer Sivan Hermez in the Majesty Promotion and that the program on Saturday night should have gone on at the FMF Gymnasium in Suva.

Promoter Sudesh Ram cancelled the program following the disapproval of Hermez to fight.

Sara Bulutani Mataitawakilai, the BCF chairman, said in a statement yesterday that they were saddened to see boxing in the negative limelight.

“The BCF wishes to clarify that except for NZ-based light-heavyweight boxer Sivan Hermez, we have given clearance to all proposed boxers submitted by Majesty Promotion to fight in Saturday night’s schedule promotion at the National Gymnasium in Suva after Friday’s weigh-in at Sukuna Park,” Mataitawakilai said.

“The program should have gone on without Sivam Hermez. It is really sad and disheartening to BCF that professional boxing in Fiji is again under the limelight following this promoter’s inability to comply to our advice and regulations in as far as Saturday night’s schedule promotion was concerned.”

BCF further stated in the statement that they were not ready to risk allowing a boxer who is under medical suspension.

“The promoter’s call to cancel the fight after the boxers have signed the contract and weighed in is uncalled for. BCF really feels sorry for the boxers, supporters and officials who were ready to support the promotion even if Sivan Hermez did not fight,” he said.

“BCF cannot take the risk by allowing a boxer who is under medical suspension and also have not been given clearance from Professional Boxing Council NZ to fight in this program. We also want to confirm that BCF have been in regular contact with promoter Sudesh Ram not to bring Sivan to Fiji and look for an alternative opponent for Kwadjo or move up the Main Supporting Bout of Krishna Mudaliar vs Ulaiasi Qalomai to the main bout.”

Promoter Ram said that continuing the program without the main event would not serve the fans right.

“Continuously advising me to have rest of the bouts apart from main bout is not a legitimate advise as this contradicts your (BCF) sanction letter. Further to this you may be aware what are the hypes created and the fight is not only putting me to more risks but exposing me to look bad,” Ram said.

“I can’t be telling a lie to my boxing fans and continue without main bout as the ticket sales was for a complete event and all budgets were done accordingly. There has been a oversight by yourself (BCF chairman) and this has put us in this situation. Either this was your advisers’ or your error but it’s going to cost me a fortune,” Ram said.

The BCF chairman clarified that the sole purpose of the sanction letter was to apply for a permit. He said several discussions had taken place on that occasion on not to bring Hermez.

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