Boutique caters for both locals and tourists

Sharlynn Chand, left, with Ashmini Chand outside their new boutique. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

It started out as an online store during the height of the pandemic but its growing popularity with customers prompted its founder and owner Sharlynn Chand to open a boutique in Arts Village, Pacific Harbour in Deuba.

Ms Chand’s store – Fashionable Everyday – officially opened for business on Friday last week and offers something for everybody.

She came to the idea of opening an actual store when she realised how expensive it was to purchase items online for some people.

“That was when I decided to open this store where I will have products from other small businesses here.

“Now we buy items such as earrings, bracelets, skin products, clothes and bags online from them and sell them here.

“We have goods for both tourists and locals so that we are able to attract local customers when it’s off season for tourists.”

Ms Chand invested around $4000 in her new boutique and hopes it would grow into a bigger enterprise in a few years.

“Actually we used our own savings to open this store without any financial assistance from any bank or financial institution.”

She believes that women should make use of their time and energy to start up a small business which can supplement their household income.

“We have plans to expand the business in future and we are optimistic that this business will be successful,” she said.

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