Boost for tourism sector

THE spike in hits on the Tourism Fiji website combined with about half a million people visiting the Fiji pavilion during COP23 at Bonn, Germany, is a huge boost for tourism into Fiji.

This was the word from Attorney-General and Minister Responsible for Climate Change Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum on the eve of his return from Germany last week.

“I have been informed that following the presidency of COP23, the rate of hits on the Tourism Fiji website has spiked tremendously,” he said.

“The level of exposure, the type of attraction that the Fijian pavilion received in Bonn where we had about 35,000 people coming through over a day and it went on for two weeks — you cannot buy that type of publicity in any shape or form.

“And we have seen, people from France and various other European countries actually know more about Fiji and are more interested in Fiji.”

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the Fiji presidency had achieved outstanding results during the climate change discussions.

“I think it was a great honour for us and I think that honour was manifested in itself by way that our leadership through our honourable Prime Minister, was able to carry the presidency of COP23.

“The level of the outcome in the formal negotiations to the COP 23 — which is the enforcement of the Paris Agreement by 2020 — nobody had expected the outcomes that we had at the end of COP23 — in particular in the areas of agriculture and various other matters pertaining to loss and damage etcetera that we had the outcomes.”

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