Boost for schools rugby

BLK has stepped in to support the Fiji Secondary School Rugby Union as their rugby apparel partner.

Commercial and marketing director Liga Gukisuva thanked their partners for giving them the opportunity to be part of competition.

“We at BLK are passionate and are a committed brand, we’re honoured and delighted to be part of these event sthat have been moulding the current and future Vodafone Fiji Bati and Vodafone Flying Fijians prospects,” Gukisuva said.

“We’re here to continue our support and to ensure that all officials are looked after as they organise and implement the biggest rugby tournament for our children. It is important that we end the Coke Zero Deans trophy competition on a high note because that will set the momentum going in to the 2018 rugby calendar.

“Over the days we have been visiting schools and following media reports and we’re certain that the players selected by the school coach are the best available talent to represent the school and we have every confidence that each one of them will deliver to the best of their ability.”

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