Boost for Raiwai Boxing Club

THE Raiwai Boxing club received $200 worth of boxing attire from the Raiwai Old Boys on Friday.

Raiwai Old Boys Association president Ropate Dolaivi said their contribution was an indication of their support to the new boxing club.

“It was a pleasure for us to donate this equipment’ to the Raiwai Boxing Club this is just the beginning of a fruitful relationship,” Dolaivi said.

He said the newly opened boxing club provided an opportunity for the youths in their communities to explore their talents in the sport of boxing.

“We are ready to support this initiative driven club in whatever ways we can because in the end it’s our youths that will benefit and that is something that we want.

Raiwai Boxing Club representative Waisea Kaloumaira said they were thankful for the kind and generous gesture.

“We are really grateful for the equipment and our boxers’ morale have been boosted now that they can train with new equipment,” Kaloumaira said.

He also urged the members of their communities to come along and support their boxers who will be participating in upcoming boxing tournaments.

Boxers of the club are training under the guidance of one of Fiji’s greatest boxing sons Sakaraia Ve.

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