Boost for netball girls

The Fiji Pearls have extended its sponsorship contract with Punjas. Picture: SUPPLIED

NETBALL Fiji received a massive boost as Digicel Fiji and Punja and Sons Ltd recommitted to the sporting federation as its major sponsor yesterday at the Digicel Fiji head office in Nabua, Suva.

“Our joint sponsorship will help the growth of the country’s single biggest female participation sport,” said Digicel Fiji CEO Mike Greig.

“I am excited that with Punjas we can continue to support Fiji Netball following an extremely successful partnership over the past three years.”

Both companies inkked a new three-year deal after initially signing on as major netball sponsors in 2014.

“We hope that our support will encourage more girls and women to look to the sport as an activity that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle and their own personal growth,” said Punjas Group marketing manager Gopal Jadhav in light of the event.

Netball Fiji president Wainikiti Bogidrau ensured the move would further develop the sport in the nation.

“Netball is currently in a re-building phase and we know that this sponsorship would ensure that our home competitions continue to support the development of the sport in general,” Bogidrau said.

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