Boost for Kaji Rugby

Student of John Wesley Primary with Ronald Prasad the Chief Operating Officer, Vodafone Fiji and Fiji Primary Schools Rugby Association committe members during the presentation of trophies and new jersey at the Vodafone head office in Tamavua yesterday.Picture ATU RASEA

THE Fiji Primary Schools Rugby competition officials believe the future of Fiji Rugby will take a drastic change to a better standard after Vodafone Fiji took over the sponsorship role of bringing the competition to a new level.

The Fiji Primary Schools Teachers Association vice-president Sakiusa Turagabeci was emotionally overwhelmed with the sponsorship given as it will help the children enjoy their three days tournament next week.

“I would like to take this time to thank Vodafone Fiji for coming in the picture when we needed them the most, not only they will cater for the nationals but they looked after the zones competition for us and I would like to say, thank you for bringing in the smiles to these young kids,” Turagabeci said.

“At this time with the support of the Fiji Rugby Union, I can say the roots of rugby has been reached, through the Vodafone Kaji tournament many has prospered and with the financial support, we are able to buildup the future national reps in a way that will lift the standard of Fiji rugby.

The Kaji tournament took a long process of selecting the best for the nationals, starting from the schools competition with a total of 44,000 registered players took part in the first step of the competition and 1222 players will be part of the 52 teams that are featuring from the four divisions in the finals.

In the zones competition, Vodafone sponsored $49,000 to the Northern Division, $69,000 to the Central, $60,000 to the Western and $40,000 to the Eastern divisions to cover the logistics and operation of the competition.

However in the national they have submitted $106,000 to cater for the transportation alone with the logistics and operational expenses and prizes to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, the tournament trophies and jerseys for the four divisions were released yesterday to the organisers as they gear up for the three days event bound to kick-start next week Monday at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

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