Boost for coaches

THE OCEANIA Football Confederation is hosting a one week B licence course at the Fiji Football headquarters from last week and will end this week.

Team coaches from around the Pacific Islands are here to attend the course.

OFC head of education and training Giovani Fernandes said this course was very challenging.

“Ultimately the purpose of the course is to challenge coaches on their commit capability as it relates to football and help prepare them to the challenges they face on their environment.

“The total duration of the course is 16 days of the formal learning program but in between their two days of formal elements where the coaches go to their environment and they have to apply what they have worked on through the week.

“We started the course with 19 participants from all over the Pacific Islands and out of the 19, 16 have been invited to come and attend the Part two B licence course,” Fernandes said.

These coaches had completed their part one course in New Zealand.

“Part one course was one in New Zealand at the time it was just convenient for us to be all there but its a privilege to come here and Fiji FA has created a really football environment and for us to come and part of this environment is a good opportunity.

“This is our third B licence training all of the coaches today had to attend the C licence course and get through it with an advance pass so we tried to be selective about those who cannot attend because we know the course is demanding and those who are really motivated will be progressive,” he said.

After part two the coaches go back to their learning environment and apply the techniques that is been taught to them.

“We have a few assignments or tasks they have to complete and from there once they complete their task then we come back and we will do our final assessment in their own club with their team should they pass their B licence they progress on to their A licence and continue to move on their pathway,” he said.

The course began yesterday and will end on Friday 7, April.

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