Bollywood calling for singer Chetty

KISHORE Chetty is moving one step closer to achieving his dream.

The Lautoka man is preparing to go and sing in the heartland of Hindi music, Bollywood, India.

Chetty has been likened to the late great contemporary Hindi music star Mohammed Rafi.

He is the owner of popular eatery Pacific Fried Chicken by day and music performer at night.

While serving some of the Western Division’s tastiest fried chooks brings home the bread, it is his passion for singing Mohammed Rafi songs that has taken him on singing engagements across the country and abroad.

For the past 25 years, he has held annual tribute shows called ‘Mohammed Rafi night’ in Sydney, Australia.

It was through these performances and with the encouragement of former Fiji resident, academic, film- maker and television producer Dr Satish Rai that Chetty caught the attention of Bollywood music producers.

“Born into a poor family and with nothing but the dream of making it one day through singing, this is a very big deal for me,” Chetty said.

“I was brought up in Deo Dutt Estate in Suva. Back then it was a place where poor families lived in tiny shacks.

“There was no running water, we stored water from a creek in a 44 gallon drum for all our needs.

“Nowadays, the place has big and expensive homes and it’s called Bayview Heights.

“I think coming through those hard times made me determined to do something with my life. And going to India to sing is my one shot at stardom.”

Chetty will perform at the prestigious Dinanath Mangeshkar Auditorium in Mumbai on August 16.

He is also expected to sing at Lucknow’s prestigious MB Club.

But the highlight for the Lautoka businessman is a chance to perform on a very popular television show called Safarnama.

“That show is dedicated to and hosted by India’s Guinness World Records lyricist, Sameer.

“This is not only a great opportunity for me personally.

“If I do well then it opens the doors for other Hindi-singing artistes in Fiji.”

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