Bola says team ready for big test

Nakaiolo Brothers Rugby Club from Levuka, Nabukelevu in Kadavu know it will be tough to face top teams such as First Light Taveuni in the Huawei RAKA 7s tournament.

Coach Josevata Bola said the recent 7s tournaments they had participated in had laid a foundation on improving their skills.

“We beat Taveuni during the Wadigi 7s in Lautoka in the bowl semi-final two weeks ago and in the Tagimoucia 7s last week in Navua we reached the final and lost to Wardens 12-7 but earlier on we defeated Tabadamu in the semi-final,” he said.

“We are using these tournaments for our buildup to the Raka 7s. We have a few young players who come from the village.

He said one area they were working on was their fitness.

“We probably get the boys into the gym to sweat some fat off and get their upper body strength. We’re grateful to Narseys Plastics in Laucala Beach for sponsoring our T-shirts for the tournament but for the time being we’re still fundraising to get some money to cater for our players for the two-day tournament.”

Bola said he always reminded the players to always have faith in themselves and work hard during training session.

“During training always remember to give in your all and look after your body.

“We’re looking forward to face off with First Landing since they have a majority players from Tabadamu.”

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