Board seeks public assistance

THE St Giles Psychiatric Hospital’s board of visitors is requesting members of the public to assist patients with their wellness program.

Board of visitors chairwoman Elizabeth Dass said they had used about $15,000 in trying to assist the patients.

“We’re doing a wellness program for the patients who are well enough to walk around and do a little bit of farming, thus we are requesting canvas and gumboots,” Mrs Dass said.

She added this was also part of their rehab program.

Board member Adi Mitimiti Dreunamisimisi had requested contributions on behalf of the board on social network.

She said they were desperately seeking (any adult size) 20 pairs of running shoes, six pairs of gumboots, eight pairs of gardening gloves and eight raincoats.

“These items are for the in-patient’s wellness program so that they can go on walks, and make and maintain their own teitei at the hospital. We would appreciate any assistance,” she said.

Those who would like to contribute could do so by dropping off their contributions at Tadra Flowers in Nadi (10 Queens Rd in Martintar) or Tadra Flowers in Suva (37 Desvouex Rd).

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