BMS celebrates achievements

ATHLETES of Ballantine Memorial School were treated to a feast yesterday at school to thank them for their efforts during the Fiji Secondary Schools Fiji Finals at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

The celebration included live performances from the Fiji Police Band and entertainment from the school cheerleaders which performed at the games.

The day was organised by former students who attended the school in the 1990s.

Their president Railala Sawailau said: “We had old scholars turning up from the West and from the North and a few from overseas. They wanted to be part of this event. This is the first time a celebration as such has been held and the athletes need to know that we are grateful. We also wish to make a bold statement that this is just the beginning of our efforts to put Ballantine back as one of top schools in athletics,” she said.

School principal Mitieli Ralesi said he was grateful for the old students for staging the event.

“This is not just for the athletes, but for the parents and supporters who backed the team all the way. We wanted our athletes to be inspired by the event so that next year we can work harder and achieve greater results,” he said.

A sea of colours was evident in the BMS grounds as students, teachers and parents took advantage of the live entertainment.

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