Blues strike Fijian gold

TUMUT has picked up Fijian rugby sevens gold medallist Masivesi Dakuwaqa.

Recruited by the Canberra Raiders, in a bid to broaden his rugby league assets, Dakuwaqa has been loaned to Tumut for the rest of the season.

He played in the front row during the draw with Kangaroos on Sunday.

Tumut coach Jarrad Teka gave the Blues newest recruit a glowing endorsement following his debut with the team on Sunday.

The Fijian powerhouse made an impact as Tumut drew 28-all with Kangaroos at Equex Centre.

Teka, who lives in Canberra, liked what he saw of Dakuwaqa on Sunday.

“He had a good dig; obviously he’s learning the game,” Teka said.

“I thought he tried hard

“It’s going to take a little while.

“Obviously coming from sevens, he’s used to having some space.

“It’s a different game.”

Teka gave Dakuwaqa a tough initaion.

“We played him a prop today; the poor bloke plays winger in the sevens,” Teka laughed.

Dakuwaqa is an imposing athlete and caused Roos some trouble when he came off the bench.

The big man carted the ball up with relish and made one or two telling tackles.

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