Blues secret

Lautoka soccer president Abdul Kadar in Lautoka yesterday. Picture: MACIU MALO

THE Lautoka Football Association has a lesson to Fiji’s sporting organisations.

The champion Sugar City football side has revealed its winning recipe to winning local tournaments.

And its president, Abdul Kadar, did not mince his words when he revealed the secret behind the Blues’ success.

“Look after your players and they will make the officials and the fans happy through their performances,” Kadar said.

He said players’ welfare was paramount at all times and that had been Lautoka’s secret recipe to their victories.

Kadar said most of his players depended on football as a source of income.

“Winning is not only about training, it’s more to do with off-the-field monitoring, development and upbringing. “For the Lautoka team, our priority is to safeguard the welfare of the players.

“We visit their families when they needed help and we want the boys to come to training without any distraction. “It is our job to make sure the boys are in good spirit before reporting for training or playing.”

He said his officials always visited the families of the players to update them on their performances.

“It is from these visits where we can identify the types of problems faced by the boys —that is where we can step in and help.

“We are like one big family and we care for each other. We look after the boys and in return they produce the goods through their games.

“I believe this has been the pillar of strength in our team.”

Kadar said players had also been stressed to maintain discipline and treat football as an employment.

“Some of our boys play to put food on the table and their families depended on them for survival.

“We need to guide them at the same time, assist in whatever way possible to make them happy.”

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