Blocked drains

Some of us have taken the advice given by the Health Ministry seriously and cleaned our surroundings, including the drains.

I believe the main problem now is the blocked government drains.

Some of these are not cleaned for a long period and a good example is the Tadevo area in Navua.

I contacted the authorities at the Agriculture Department in Navua and was directed to the Waterways section.

After my request to this section, a team inspected the area and assured us that the government drains will be cleaned soon so that the stagnant water from our area will flow out.

Two weeks after their visit, I contacted them again as a reminder but was told that they were looking for a digger.

It’s more than five weeks now but there is no action.

It appears to me that the new Ministry of Waterways has directed all their allocated fund to other districts and forgot Navua.

I wish to remind this new ministry that Navua is also prone to severe flooding and since we are the victims of so many floods in the past, we humbly request the concerned ministries to act now.

Besides flooding, I believe we have health issues since these mosquitoes are multiplying at a faster rate because of these blocked drains.

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