Blessed via its leaders

Ratu Peni Torowale. Picture: SIKELI QOUNADOVU

IN order for the mana to return and for the vanua to be blessed all vacant leadership should be filled through the blessing and support of the vanua.” These were the words of Ratu Peni Torowale, younger brother of the Roko Tui Toga from Naqavoka, Toga in Rewa.

Ratu Peni was one of the 20 recipients of the Vuli ni Sauvaki ni Vanua which was facilitated and funded by the iTaukei Fund Board.

As a member of the Yavusa Nokonoko from the chiefly clan of Maraki, Ratu Peni said it was important to have all leadership titles filled.

“It is such a shame that today we have a lot of disputes of the chiefly title, or who are the rightful chiefly titleholders. Our trip to the vanua o Vuda during our training has taught me a lot.

It was really an eye-opener “The Taukei Sawaieke, Ratu Tevita Momoedonu, revealed their installation of the Tui Vuda is so unique that everyone knows their individual roles and responsibilities.

“Evidently, the past eight Tui Vuda appointed were not challenged, there was never any dispute. “It is important for us to know we were born chiefs and God permitted this to happen.”

Ratu Peni said every vanua had its unique way of installing its chiefs.

“The people and the vanua will rely on the chief, therefore it is important for the leadership title to always be filled.

“It is also important when chiefs are appointed they not only think of themselves but think of the vanua and its people.”

Ratu Peni said the 16 weeks of training had taught him a lot about leadership and believed it was a good training ground for young chieftains before they assumed the mantle of leadership. “I was really blessed to be part of this training.

A lot of things I have learnt there are things that have not been taught in the vanua.

We are born as chiefs and true leaders lead by example.

“I strongly believe if the leadership is right, everyone will be blessed and the vanua will be prosperous. “For me, going back to the village I will ensure that all leadership positions are taken up by the rightful holders. One everyone can trust and who can perform his or her duty without much greed,” said Ratu Peni.

The Vuli ni Sauvaki ni Vanua is another vessel the TTFB has started in preparing young chiefs with respect to the vanua before being traditionally installed.

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