Birmingham 2022: Team Fiji chef de mission congratulates Cikamatana on win

Eileen Cikamatana (middle) with her medal during 2022 Commonwealth Games Birmingham, England. Picture: AUSTRALIAN WEIGHTLIFTING FEDERATION FACEBOOK PAGE

Team Fiji chef de mission Sale Sorovaki has congratulated Fiji-born Australian weightlifter Eileen Cikamatana for winning gold in her competition at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in England.

Cikamatana won gold for Fiji at the 2018 Commonwealth Games but parted ways with the Fiji Weightlifting Federation soon after.

She won Australia’s first weightlifting gold at the Birmingham Games with lifts in the 87kg category that put her on a different level to the competition.

“At the end of the day, the athletes will decide what’s probably best for them. As much as we would have loved to keep her in Fiji, she has other plans,” Sorovaki said.

“Having said that, we are happy for her. Two Commonwealth Games, two gold medals. One for Fiji, one for Australia.”

The Team Fiji head gave his best wishes for future events to the lass from Levuka.

“She is an amazing athlete and we wish her well in her future plans. We hope we see her in Paris representing Australia in 2024.

“We are happy as Fijians for one of our former athletes to participate and win gold, we are just as excited for her.”

After the 2018 Games, Fiji Weightlifting Federation had a change of coach and Cikamatana was against plans to get her back to Fiji from New Caledonia where she was training.

Australia took advantage of this dispute and offered Cikamatana a distinguished talent visa.

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