Biogas energy strategy

Tokelau’s director of energy says the addition of biogas generation would likely provide an energy surplus for the country.

Along with the solar power generation currently providing 80 per cent of Tokelau’s electricity supply, wind turbines were being trialled.

According to Robin Pene, when the turbines were implemented, renewable energy generation was expected to move to 98 per cent and beyond.

Mr Pene confirmed he was also looking at biogas to complement solar and wind energy.

“We’ve got quite a large number of pigs out there so if we can produce enough methane, that would help us. We’d probably achieve a hundred per cent plus (in terms of renewable energy) if we could develop that.”

Pig manure is mixed in tanks with village grey water and the resulting methane is harnessed to use for gas cooking and lighting. Mr Pene said that going by an example he’d seen in Samoa, as few as 14 pigs could provide enough gas for the entire village.

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