Bikers in the North meet

Mohammed Khan said the purpose of buying bikes was to also create different scenery for motoring in Vanua Levu.

“People have bikes but this new initiative involves a group of bikers and it’s something new in Vanua Levu,” he said.

“It will be new to see about 10 bikers on the highway so we are encouraging younger people to join us.

“I have involved my son because these young people are energetic and they will continue this legacy of bikers in Vanua Levu.”

Every Sunday, the group meets to discuss new ideas and leisure activities they could do for the week.

Mr Khan said they may also look into community outreach programs.

“Right now we are just starting and I know it will get bigger because the interest is out there and this is encouraging,” he said.

“We also have plans to invite the bikers from Viti Levu to join us for a show that we plan to have here in Labasa.

“I do know that this initiative of bikers we have started will get bigger in years to come. We want something different for the North, so this group of bikers has started that.”

Mr Khan said their initiative would certainly open up new opportunities in the motoring industry of Vanua Levu.

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