Biggest turnout at the Mom and Pop League

The Mom and Pop League, organised by Fiji Football Association (Fiji FA) in conjunction with Oceania Football Confederation’s Just Play program, has recorded a gigantic turnout over the past four weeks.

Fiji FA development officer Lorima Dau said since day one, the number of participants had been rapidly increasing every weekend.

Last week’s program recorded a total of 50 participants despite an unfavourable weather condition which affected the Southern Division.

“The response has been better week by week,” Dau said.

“As more numbers are coming in, more skills are being developed and with the guidance of our colleagues from Fiji FA, I hope there’s more in the days to come,” he said.

The Rewa utility said: “When more numbers are coming in, we can determine the interests and love these children have for football.

“We are trying to instil the basics so that these children do not struggle during their later development stages.

“In this grassroots level, we need to have women participants also so that in future they are there to lead their category of football,” Dau said.

The Mom and Pop League program offers everyone a chance to play football, without discrimination and without the need for major infrastructure.

This is a 10-week program that will be held every Saturdays in all the three divisions in Fiji.

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