Big plan for hostel

MEMBERS of the Macuata Division Methodist Women’s Fellowship plan to raise funds for a girl’s hostel to be built in Labasa.

The women’s fellowship group, which consists of 19 circuits plan to raise more than $40,000 to construct the new building.

Macuata Division Methodist Women’s Fellowship president Kelera Tuiwainikai said the new building would cater for girls in Macuata Province who attend schools in Labasa Town.

“We have seen the struggles most parents go through when they try to send their children, especially their daughters, to school,” she said.

Ms Tuiwainikai said most of those parents go through a lot of financial problems.

“We found out that we have most of our children who travel from Mali, Cikobia and Kia and other villages in the province of Macuata for school in Labasa and most of them stay with relatives and then return to their homes during the weekend, which cost a lot of money,” she said.

“So to avoid all those travelling to and fro, we plan to build a hostel to cater for these girls and their parents can come over for a visit.”

Ms Tuiwainikai said the contribution they would make would go in to the funds for construction of the building.

“I thank all the women from the 19 circuits who have given their time and money to be able to be here and work towards this plan,” she said.

“Plans are still ongoing in regards to the location of the building, but once we have the money, we will eventually be open about other information.”

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