Big dollar savings for seasonal workers

Update: 1:06PM FIRST year workers under the New Zealand and Australian seasonal work schemes can save a lot of money within their contract periods.

This was explained by the Minister for Employment,Productivity and Industrial Relations, Jone Usamate, at one of his meetings in the North where he is touring.

According to the minister, first year workers under the New Zealand Recognized Seasonal Employer (RSE) work scheme are expected to save approximately $NZ5,000 (F$7,420.35) to $NZ10,000 (F$14,840.70) within their seven-month contract period and $AUD5,000 ( 7,934.08 FJD) to $AUD12,000 (19,041.80 FJD) for Australia SWP workers for the six-month period. 

Mr Usamate highlighted this during his consultation with villagers from Nakawaga, tikina Mali on Mali Island.

He is currently touring the maritime islands in the Northern Division as part of Government’s effort to reach out to rural and remote communities.

“The amount of savings by each worker should rise from the second year of their work as they become experienced and competent,” Mr Usamate said. 

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