Big crowd joins run

HUNDREDS of people turned up for the fun run in Nadi on Saturday which was organised by SportsWorld in conjunction with the Ministry of Health,

The event was staged in an effort to fight against non-communicable diseases.

Chief guest and Minister for Health Rosy Akbar said the fun run was not a competitive event.

“Saturday is normally a lazy day for most of us — spending time with our families, grab your shopping bags and go marketing and shopping,” Ms Akbar said.

“This is an exciting event organised by Courts and SportsWorld. The weather cleared and it’s a blessing for us. This is my second year to attend the event — aligned to ensuring that we create a healthy population.

“I believe that creating that healthy population starts with each one of us. The ones present today have shown their willpower to lead Fiji to a healthier population.

“The fun run or walk is not a race. Last weekend in Suva hundreds braved the rain to walk away with many prizes. But for me, I think it isn’t a race or a competition. It is just developing the willpower of each of us in becoming champions of promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

Ms Akbar said maintaining a healthy lifestyle was the main priority.

“Keeping healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be fulfilling and joyful. That is why it is called fun run. Walking or running is fun. But one of the great things about walking and running is that it improves your overall wellbeing.

“That should be the priority for us. You need to have the self-discipline to continue with it.

“Studies have shown that running and exercising regularly can prevent obesity, type two diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, stroke and some forms of cancer.

“Scientists have shown that running or walking consistently can improve the quality of your emotional, mental life and even helps you to live longer.”

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