Bid to increase global sales

Bula Coffee Sales Rep Rosy Taetuli attend the e-commerce workshop in Nadi. Picture: REINAL CHAND

INCREASING global sales of a local product can not only benefit the company but the people involved in creating said product, says Bula Coffee sales representative Rosy Taetuli.

Ms Taetuli was one of the participants at an e-commerce workshop organised for businesses in the Western Division yesterday.

Bula Coffee is a local company which grows coffee in the highlands of Sigatoka and is based at Laselase, Sigatoka.

“We grow the coffee and we roast them here too and we supply to our clients like Prouds, Tappoos and Jack’s and a few coffee shops,” she said.

“What we’re trying to do is give the public two shots of coffee and in exchange we want them to understand that we’re giving the villagers a shot at life by empowering women and employment and upskilling the pickers.”

She said while they hadn’t begun exporting their products as yet, however, there were people overseas interested in their products.

“We’re trying to expand the market and increase employment.

“Why import coffee from other countries when we can locally grow and increase employment.”

Ms Taetuli said attending the meeting yesterday had also been an eye-opener.

“We in Fiji love to do online shopping but to run our business online, we only tend to use Facebook a lot.

“Today I learnt we can also use Amazon.

“It was eye-opening for me in the sense that the more we boost the sales online, it will increase the exportation of our local products and because Fiji is a small country, if we can increase revenue, it will benefit a lot of people.”

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