Bid to increase farmers’ income

Lavenia Tamanivalu, a dalo and yaqona farmer from Burerua, Tailevu draws a value chain while the other farmers look on. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fiji Crop and Livestock Council believes that understanding the value chain process would be of great help to farmers in exploring ways in which they can increase their income and develop a better working environment.

Council’s chief executive officer Jiu Daunivalu made the statement after a one-day workshop on increasing farmers’ understanding of the importance of financial literacy and the value chain benefits of farming.

A media statement from FCLC yesterday said more than 60 ginger, cocoa, and dalo farmers from Tailevu took part in the Ministry of Agriculture workshop at Korovou Agriculture Station.

Ms Daunivalu highlighted three major groups that made up the value chain:

  • ┬áThe operators: These are the producers (farmers), and those others like wholesalers and processors, who create value and own the product at some stage;
  • The supporters: This group provides the support services, have a stake in the value chain, like banks and storekeepers, but do not own the product;
  • The enablers: This group creates the conditions in which the private sector can do business, primarily the responsibility of Government.

“What this means is that using the value chain, farmers will have access to services, (inputs, credit, transport, advisory services) farmers will have access to bilateral relations with supporters, and farmers will have improved relations with the public sector.

“Understanding the process will provide business opportunities for which farmers and firms need to collaborate, it will help clarify much misunderstanding and overall create a stronger environment in which all involved will benefit,” Ms Danuivalu said.

According to the statement participants also included representatives from the FCLC and the Fiji Development Bank and farmers were told about FDB agriculture services and requirements available through the bank as well as basics in financial literacy.

Ms Daunivalu said FCLC would be working closely with FDB in promoting the value chain process to farmers.

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