Bid to improve postal services

THE national postal service has been facing difficulties in providing services to the public in the remote island areas.

According to the chief executive officer Dr Anirudha Bansod this was because of the cost of operations which was higher than the revenue that was being generated from these areas.

“However being an organisation which is not only to be a profit making but also to be able to serve the people
of Fiji and that’s where we value our business proposition in such a way that we are making a profit and we are
trying to be commercially sustainable but at the same time we provide a greater service to the people of Fiji,” he said.

“We have a total of 58 Post shops all over Fiji and overall 52 Post shops have been connected online.

“There are only a few left which will be done in coming months’ time, we have challenges.”

He said some of them were logistic challenges, natural challenges and then we have the connectivity issue in that area.

The postal institutions E-commerce platform according to Dr Bansod was great which will come out in three phases.

“The first phase will be all post Fiji’s product and services, we are trying to put as much services online so that people can utilise those services.

“For example the money orders the philatelic which we have huge network of philatelic dealers all over the world they keep on buying but it will be easy for them to communicate and buy online as well.”

The organisation was also looking to sell the stationery items and carry out back to school promotions to come on to the platform.

“The second phase of the ecommerce will be where we would like to have the Fijian made products to come on board.”

These would include handicraft products such as soaps, kava and other great products which Fijians were making.

“What we are trying to do is we are creating a platform for all these Fijian made products and companies especially the startups because they are good, they have the innovative ideas but they don’t know how to market.”

Therefore Post Fiji would provide them with a platform which they could sell their products with proper guidance in terms of marketing strategies, the distribution strategies, the pricing plan, advertising as well as packaging.

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