Bid to improve data availability in education sector

IT specialists from Vanuatu and Fiji. Picture: VANUATU DAILY POST

PORT VILA – Vanuatu Ministry of Education & Training Vanuatu and the Fiji Ministry of Education have worked intensively together on the management and reporting of Education Sector data.

All Countries are required to develop the UNESCO survey of formal Education report every year which provides an overview of the Education in all the countries. In most countries across the world, the report is generated manually requiring a lot of time.

Vanuatu and Fiji have developed System that allow this important information to be provided quickly and accurately.

The team of IT specialists from Vanuatu and Fiji Combined their efforts and have created a “one button” report using open Vanuatu Education Management Information System (Open Vermis).

This decentralised data collection system, including an online platform, allows Vanuatu to easily generate this important UNESCO report. Vanuatu is one of the first Pacific countries that can generate the complex report automatically.

The open VEMIS is designed to collect internationally comparable data on education at the early childhood, primary secondary and post-secondary non- tertiary levels. This data is used worldwide for the evaluation and monitoring of Education Systems.

The data provided by Vanuatu and Fiji are part of the information on education statistics that are maintained by the UNESCO institute for statistics (UIS).

The information is disseminated widely and helps to inform policy makers at national and international level. The data is used to calculate many education indicators used in the monitoring of progress towards national, regional and global targets.

The current version of Open VEMIS is limited to data for early childhood care and education, primary schools and secondary schools.

The cooperative work in Port Vila between Vanuatu and Fiji was an opportunity for the Ministry of Education and Training to extend the capacity of the open VEMIS to include tertiary Education.

Through this increased information and capacity, post –secondary institutions should be able to manage their academic data using open VEMIS.

Senor programmer Vuli Vunivola, programmer from the Fiji Ministry of Education, came to Vanuatu to share this knowledge on how the Fijian Systems’ are being integrated, working with his Vanuatu Colleagues to extend the capability of Open VEMIS to include tertiary education.

This exciting initiative was organised by the Educational Quality and Assessment Program (EQAP) of the Pacific Community (SPC) with the support of Vanuatu Education Support program (VESP) funded by the governments of Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu.

It was a unique opportunity for Vanuatu and Fiji to work together learn from each other and improve the collection and Management of Education data in both countries.

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