Bid to improve bus transport in the country

WITH an aim to assist and build the bus transport industry in Fiji, a team from the Laksana Company in Indonesia met bus operators at Tanoa Plaza Hotel in Suva recently.

Laksana is one of Indonesia’s technologically advanced and world-class manufacturer in commercial vehicle specifically buses.

Laksana export manager Werry Yulianto said the company not only sold buses to Fiji but they could provide service and maintenance programs for bus operators that purchase buses from their company.

“Almost every year we come here to check and maintain the buses, we make sure that bus operators know how to maintain the bus and this is what we are concerned about,” Mr Yulianto said.

“We not only sell the buses and say goodbye to our customers but we can give time for them to learn from us and also know more on how they can purchase bus parts from us and we can help them to study on how to maintain the buses they import from us.”

Mr Yulianto said bus operators in Fiji had purchased more than 180 buses from Laksana.

He said the company was committed in ensuring that they provided the highest and affordable quality buses to Fiji.

Laksana is committed in bus body building and they possess the biggest range of product which includes tour bus, intercity,bus and special purpose bus.

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