Bid to get people off the streets

THE Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Ministry is working with police to get people who live on the streets into livelihood programs.

Minister for Women Mereseini Vuniwaqa said the ministry organised livelihood programs for people as such to assist them with their daily living.

“Every now and then we get people off the streets and we put them through a partnership with non-government organisations (NGOs) to run programs such as livelihood programs,” she said.

“Some of them, we take them to their homes, but we find that more often than not, a lot of them choose to go back to the streets.

“One of the initiatives that we are now doing with the police is to try and take them back to their homes and their communities.

“It works but in some cases they keep coming back, some of them suffer from mental disorder and they are on medication, we take them back to St Giles hospital to get their medications and all.”

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