Bid to expand provision of monitoring services



WE have invested close to $300,000 from when we started in 2017 until now, says director and owner of NGenesys Kunal Kosik Raj.

“This is not all because very soon our production line will start for our products which will be leased out to customers to help in our monitoring,” he said.

The 24-year-old owner and director of NGenesys, who is a USP graduate in Computing Science and Information Technology, said they were launching their King Guard product and NGenesys Surveillance centre.

“I can say that it’s the only monitoring station in Fiji,” Mr Raj said.

“We’re on a very short leash because our clients are demanding the products very quickly and we have to meet their needs as soon as possible.”

He said their name NGenesys, stood for ‘next generation systems solutions’.

“Because the generation is changing so the solutions have to change as well. We are an electronics based company.”

The young businessman said they started operation in 2017 and their main monitoring station was based in Nadi. He said NGenesys entailed a very broad operation with many divisions.

“The first is hosting where websites are being hosted, networks are being hosted, another one is development where we develop applications, softwares and products. Then we have the surveillance centre which is ready to be operational today.

He said soon after the launch of their surveillance centre 80 devices were activated and monitored throughout Fiji and they would activate a further 170 devices by the end of next month.

He said they were hoping to provide monitoring services not just to security companies but to the private sector businesses and also to private households.

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