Bid to educate more on IT, digital transformation

CUSTOMERS of GEM IT Solutions, which are DELL EMC Distributors, can expect one of the biggest information technology transformations as DELL completes its one year anniversary of EMC acquisition.

On Tuesday DELL EMC and VMWare combined their technologies and held an IT transformation event to educate customers in Fiji on how they can look at IT transformation and digital transformation and move to the future of IT.

GEM IT Solutions general manager Pradeep Mascarenhas said DELL and EMC merger benefited their customers in Fiji as with the merger GEM could now provide end to end infrastructure solutions and with new technologies it could help its customers in the digital transformation.

Mr Mascarenhas said: “We know EMC was a pioneer and number one company globally for data storage, converge and hyper-converge infrastructure and backup appliance system and DELL is a leader in the end user computing, workstations and server market.

“With merger, the combined DELL EMC are market leaders in many IT products and solutions.

“With DELL EMC brings the biggest evolution in the IT industry with lot of innovative solutions for data centers, and this can help our customers in Fiji to grow and transform their IT .”

He said the event held at the Holiday Inn Suva provided customers the chance to relook at their data centre strategy and see how they could manage, operate and maintain more efficiently.

According to Mr Mascarenhas there are a lot of customers who had been using the traditional methodology and this may involve lot of manual intervention.

But with the digital transformation customers can look at automation, easy management of data center, prioritise workloads, provision new applications faster and finally customers can spend their time in new innovative tasks for their core businesses and use IT as the driving factor for their businesses.

He said IT had transformed businesses from being manual oriented approach to automated, being a cost factor to driving force and with emerging technologies from DELL EMC and GEM, customers can adapt quickly to the demands of new datacenter workloads.

The company will continue to invest in training and implementing innovative solutions in technology for everyday IT needs.

However, one of the challenges faced by companies was reduced IT budgets and demand for more innovation. This event was encouraging to businesses as new technologies are capable to do more with less.

Mr Mascarenhas said earlier innovations in IT continued at a rapid pace.

With regular workshops and technology updates, they were transferring knowledge to their customers.

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