Bid to better promote, protect consumers

FCEF president Sandeep Chauhan, left, and FCCC chief executive officer Joel Abraham after signing the MOU in Suva. Picture: SUPPLIED

A MEMORANDUM of understanding signed by the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) and the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation will allow FCCC to work through the networks of FCEF to help reach out to members.

The MOU was signed last week by FCCC chief executive officer Joel Abraham and FCEF president Sandeep Chauhan in a bid to promote and protect consumers as well as the commerce and industry.

“The MOU is the first public private partnership of any kind to be formulated and signed by the FCCC,” said Mr Abraham.

He said it would establish the relationship between the two organisations and allow for members of FCEF to acquire trainings and information sessions organised by FCCC and vice versa.

Mr Chauhan said the MOU would allow for FCCC to work with FCEF members in transitioning and helping set up their business to comply with the laws in place, especially for those that weren’t and didn’t know the terms of compliance.

He said the MOU would be beneficial for both organisations as it would allow businesses to better understand and co-operate with the FCCC.

A statement yesterday said the two organisations recognised that the MOU would allow them to effectively discharge and carry out their duties through, information sharing, collaboration towards accessing grants and also maximise the potential for use of resources to facilitate projects that will benefit both, the commerce and the private sector.

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