Bicycle ride to the polls

TRAVELLING 30 minutes on his son’s bicycle and braving the heat of the Babasiga sun, Amar Deo was proud to cast his vote at Batirilagi, Macuata on Wednesday.

Mr Deo received smiles and encouragement along the roadside as people stopped and stared at him and his bicycle.

The 51-year-old Dreka native believes that voting is important for the citizens of the country.

Mr Deo said he had to cast his vote on Wednesday hoping the new government would address the water problem affecting the people in his area for four months now.

He said the creek in the area that supplied much-needed water to the people in his area dried up during prolonged dry weather.

He said the area did not have piped water and they badly needed water during the dry season.

Mr Deo said he was quite happy with the developments taking place in his settlement and surrounding areas but their only major concern was water.

He said his wife Roshni Devi had not travelled with him to vote at Batirilagi because she cast her vote at the Ahmadiyya Secondary School where she had registered.

The couple had to part ways at 7am to vote.

Meanwhile, voting at the Batirilagi Primary and the Valelawa Primary School began at 7.30am, while a few members of the community turned up an hour early thinking the voting would begin at 6am.