Best time to buy a car

DID you know that looking for new car deals, timing can have a huge impact on your pocketbook?

Car experts say that you can typically save some money by buying a new vehicle at a specific time of the year provided if you time your purchase accordingly, it could really be worth it.

If your need for a new car isn’t urgent, exercise a bit of patience and you will likely reap dividend rewards.

Now let’s look at a few reasons certain times of the year are the best times to buy a new car, while other times of the year are the worst.

Here are some car tips by website

At the end of the month- this tip applies to any month of the year, so if you are really in a pinch to make a purchase soon, this can increase your chances of saving money. The customer who comes in ready to buy at the end of the month might get a better deal if it helps put the manager over the top for their quota.

A vehicle needs help selling, the end of the month is a good time to buy if negotiating the vehicle yourself, because sales managers at dealerships have a monthly quota to hit and get compensated on whether they hit it or not.

When models are on the way out — when new vehicle models come out, dealers are eager to get in with the new and out with the old. So it pays to watch the life cycle of your desired vehicle and pull the trigger to buy right before the next best thing comes out.

“End-of-model-years (leftovers) get the best discounts, as the dealer is paying to inventory these units, and they need to free up space and cash for incoming, newer models.

In order to get the best car deal, buy a car toward the end of the year, as in October, November or December.

Black Friday — On Black Friday, most shoppers are focused on getting deals on holiday gifts. However, if you’re in the market for a new car, you might want to hit the dealership that day instead.

Car dealers are trying to clear out older inventory for the New Year, as well as trying to meet quotas at the end of the month. Also, since most shoppers are at the stores, you probably won’t be fighting a crowd at the dealership.

When a rebate is being offered — Sometimes dealers offer temporary rebates in order to clear out a model year entirely during specific days of the year.

These days can take place at any time of the year…. so dealers can sell a vehicle for less when they have the use of said incentives. These can be in the form of a flat rebate per vehicle sold, or a stair-step incentive, which requires a dealer to hit a pre-set sales target set by the manufacturer, based on a specific dealer’s normal sales volume.

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