Best for her family

LIVING a normal life can be a challenge when your hearing is impaired. That, impaired hearing, may be the case for Jane Pass but the dedicated mother of six hasn’t let that get in her way.

Striving to achieve her goal and providing the best for her family is what the 49 -year- old mother has been doing for the past eight years.

“I love my job and I love the challenges that comes along with it,” she said.

Jane is originally from the village of Yacata on an island of the same name in Cakaudrove and is married to Navitalai Tawake also of the same village.

A pastry chef by profession at Vatuvara Island Resort on Kaibu, a privately owned island near Yacata, Jane is someone who never loses hope.

“I am one person that doesn’t wait for others to help me but instead I go ahead and do things for myself and my family because I believe that I can do any work given to me like any other normal person,” she said. “Providing the best for my family has always been my main priority.”

Jane has been employed at the hotel for eight years and started without any knowledge of her profession.

“I came in with no idea of what my work would be like and whether my workmates would accept me for my disability,” she said.

“Now as I look back, I realise that I have come a long way and I am glad that I fitted in well and I am loving my job.

Jane stays on the island for one week and takes one day off to go and see her family.

“There were times in my life that I thought I could never do anything that would in turn help me support my family,” she said.

“Then one day I prayed for a miracle to happen and God answered my prayers by giving me this job and I didn’t need any certificate or any reference to show my past experience.

“I just had God’s approval and this is where I am today,” she said.

Jane continues to thank the Lord for his guidance and his blessings and she also thanked her family back in the village for their support.

And if you’re wondering what’s the story behind her name, Jane said she was named after a European friend of her grandparents.

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