Best enjoyed icy cold

FIJI Bitter is a renowned brand and one of Fiji’s favourite beers. It was produced in 1957 in draught beer and then moved into 750ml, 375ml and 355ml cans.

Fiji Bitter is a full bodied, full flavoured beer best enjoyed icy cold. Its malty mouth feel balances the fruit aroma leaving you with a crisp dry finish that keeps you coming back for more.

Fiji Bitter has a 4.6 per cent volume by alcohol level which is similar to most other beers.

This great brand has been exported to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, PNG, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands.

It is a great beer and is an icon for Fijians locally and abroad. It has been produced and enjoyed for 58 years in Fiji.

Paradise Beverages is one of the leading alcoholic beverage manufacturers in the region with a brewery and a distillery in Fiji and brewery in Samoa.

Paradise Beverages is one of the region’s largest employer with around 300 staff members employed across four sites in Fiji and Samoa.

Its $F44 million capital investment program has modernised facilities, improved the capability of local people and provided better working conditions for many employees.

It’s ongoing commitment to supporting the local community involves regular events such as beach clean-ups, preservation of turtles and sponsorships of major and minor sports and events.

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