Behaviour of students

Students’ behaviour and performance has slowly but surely become a popular topic of discussion in all circles of life.

One may ask what are the contributing factors.

A writer recently directed his reasoning towards the influence of teachers.

Lest we forget, the teachers being referred to were once students.

The simple analogy is that there is not any change in personality when a student transits to become a teacher.

My view is that this moral decay in schools is directly related to students’ mind-set that they can get away with virtually anything.

Where did this come from?

You may have noticed that anyone who uses any disciplinary method to address student issues, ends up in trouble.

I am not referring to corporal punishment.

I believe students are fully aware that they will attain tertiary qualification in any circumstance.

I believe the essence of hard work and prestige of academic excellence has been lost.

It has become a situation of quantity without quality.

Last week, I heard a group of students discussing the notion of wearing their school uniforms to a fashion show.

The government of the day has poured so much resources into the education sector.

It is really sad to see that all these privileges and resources are being abused and wasted by students.

Years ago, a three centimetre pencil, an old rubber and a broken ruler meant the world to students.

Wearing shoes and carrying a bag to school with five cents in the pocket was a royal experience for students.

What will become of our workforce in the future?

They will demand to be paid on Monday morning in order to work until Friday.

I believe the solution lies in good parenting from a very early age.

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