Beekeepers urged to take up more training

BEEKEEPERS in the North have been advised to attend more training in order to grow their farms.

Northern Beekeepers Association president Chuck McKay has urged farmers not to wait for Government or other organisational assistance but to take initiatives to undergo training.

Re-elected as the president of the association during its annual general meeting yesterday, Mr McKay said this was one of the benefits of joining the association.

“Lack of training is an issue that is affecting productivity of beekeepers in the North,” he said.

“This is the reason that we have been urging farmers to get training to increase their productivity and expand their farms and businesses.

“Farmers can even attach themselves to mentors who are professional beekeepers and learn from them.”

Mr McKay says farmers can even be part of the association and access training even without paying any fees.

“We have paid and unpaid members and the difference is that paid members can have a say in the movement and make decisions about the running of the organisation while unpaid members do not have to pay their fees of $10 but can access the training,” he said.

“We managed to register 40 beekeepers for the first time out of the 200 farmers we have in the North.

“Those farmers who wish to join the association can contact the association’s treasurer Mohammed Sameer on 9453297 to access membership forms. The $10 fees will be reviewed later by the organisation so that it could be lowered to continuing members.”

Mr McKay had called on bee farmers in the North to be part of the association and to reap its benefits.

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