Beauty secrets – Entering the cosmetic world

Devanji Kapadia. Picture: MATILDA SIMMONS

TUCKED away in a little shop at Renwick Rd in Suva is ‘Diva’s Beauty Secrets’ a hair and beauty salon owned by beautician Devanji Kapadia.

Mrs Kapadia has been in the business for more than a decade and has had her share of challenges along the way. When she first ventured out, she braced herself for what lay ahead.

For one she didn’t have any contacts in the business and she was basically starting from scratch.

“I had just graduated from a beauty and therapy school and things were totally new,” she said.

“We started at Pacific House building in Suva and as we slowly operated, I decided to bring in experienced hairdressers to work alongside me.

“These hair dressers knew their work and soon we started getting regular customers. But it was really challenging in that first year.”

Originally from Gujarat, a state in Western India, Devanji and her family moved to Fiji when she was a teenager.

Her father was employed with a garment factory as a general manager. “It was interesting when I first moved here.

I admit it was hard adjusting to the lifestyle, but I slowly got used to it and now I love it,” she said.

The 33-year-old is a former scholar of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial School.

“Growing up, I’ve always been interested in make-ups, bridal henna, and learning the various cosmetic brands.

“I even taught myself threading after observing other people. I would say the hair and beauty market in Fiji is growing.

“But one thing you have to note is that it’s not easy to convince your clients, but once your services are good then they will return.

“You have to know your products and it’s always important to use herbal treatments. This is one thing I often stress. “My herbal-based products are used for dandruff, skin, facial and even soap for dry and sensitive skin. I also do pimple treatment. “It’s always good to listen to your clients,” she added.

Devanji says she is proud of the fact that she has built a strong client base in Suva and will continue to do so with her business acumen.

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