Beaten up

CLAIMS of police brutality have surfaced in far-flung Vanuabalavu where a 42-year-old man said he was hospitalised for two days because of the beating he received from officers.

The alleged incident, which was posted on Facebook on Monday, has prompted a police investigation.

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro confirmed receiving a report saying a team will fly out on the next available flight to Vanuabalavu to investigate the complaint.

Anare Cama of Mavana Village said the alleged assault took place on Saturday morning at the Mualevu Police Station.

Mr Cama said he was drinking alcohol with two others on Friday night but on Saturday morning, police officers came and took him and his two friends to the Mualevu Police Station.

He claimed he was neither asked any question nor was he aware of the reason they were being beaten by three officers at the Mualevu Police Station.

Mr Cama claimed they were told to lie on their stomachs after which boot-clad officers stomped on their backs. They were also allegedly beaten with batons. After the alleged incident, they were then told to walk back to Mavana.

He was taken to the Lomaloma Hospital by his 19-year-old daughter, Sisilia Vakacegu, who said her father was weak and bleeding from the mouth when he reached home.

Mr Cama’s mother reported the matter to the Mualevu Police Station on Monday and his sister Losana Moceiwai also filed a complaint in Suva.

Medical officials at the Lomaloma Hospital confirmed Mr Cama was admitted and had been under observation from Saturday. He was discharged on Monday.