Be vigilant on roads

POLICE have warned drivers to be careful this festive season. The warning comes in the wake of two accidents in the Western Division they believe were caused by carelessness.

The two accidents happened in Ra and Nadi.

In the first incident, a mother and child died at Nanuku settlement in Ra when a private car driven by a 21-year-old veered off the road, resulting in the two victims being thrown out of the vehicle.

The victims died at the scene.

In the second incident, two vehicles were involved in a head-on collision near Sabeto in Nadi yesterday. According to police spokesperson Ana Naisoro, a rental car and an LPG vehicle were involved in the collision.

She said the driver of the LPG vehicle allegedly drove onto the wrong lane and hit the oncoming rental car.

She said the three passengers in the rented vehicle were taken to the Nadi Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

The driver of the LPG car was seriously injured and was now admitted at the Nadi Hospital.

The two accidents have sparked fresh calls from the police for vigilance on our roads.

It is difficult to comprehend how families are supposed to react to accidents. It is worse when there are deaths of loved ones.

There is a huge cost factor involved, for the suffering family and the nation.

There is a price we have to pay when someone dies in an accident.

There is frustration, a sense of overwhelming loss and anger felt by family members of a person who dies in an accident.

We have to also consider the involvement of emergency service workers who will attend to the accident and the loss of possible future earnings in the lifetime of a victim.

As police investigations continue, we are drawn to the impact of accidents on families.

While death is inevitable, death through accidents can be prevented.

They are unnecessary.

Accidents happen for many reasons.

Reducing road fatalities isn’t going to be an easy task.

However, considering the implications road accidents have on families and the country, it cannot be considered unattainable.

The road toll has been compared with a game of life and death.

We are complacent until the next accident happens.

We are constantly reminded about the fact that great initiatives are undertaken every year, yet we disregard even the simplest road rules.

As we reach the end of this long weekend, let us remind ourselves that accidents happen because we think they won’t.

Watch your speed and plan to arrive on time at your destination, alive!

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