Be vigilant of fake govt LPOs: Police

REPORTS have been received by police of fake Government Local Purchase Orders (LPO) being issued online by unknown persons.

In a statement issued today Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said this was done for the purchase of goods and services which in one particular case was worth over $100,000 and later found to be fake.

They are requesting the business community and members of the public to be vigilant when dealing with transactions of Government LPOs that are predominantly conducted online.

“Three cases have been received to date and all were conducted in a similar manner whereby transactions were conducted online, and when enquiry was made with the person mentioned in the online transaction and believed to be facilitating the order, the person had no knowledge of the initial transaction however the goods and services had been issued,” Ms Naisoro said.

She said those involved in this crime had assumed the identity of individuals employed within the Government Ministries and Departments, stealing their identity to conduct the transactions.

“We strongly advise a check be done, be it a phone call or a phsyical check, with regards to LPO purchases that are made solely online whereby no other prior communication was made based on this latest trend,” she said.

Meanwhile a team from the Criminal Investigations Department is investigating the three cases reported in the Western Division and anyone with information is requested to call Crime stoppers on 919.

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