Be the best

The Prime Minister’s International Business Awards mark a journey on how businesses seek to be the best amidst fierce competition and reward those who demonstrate courage and perseverance.

This was highlighted by Investment Fiji CEO Godo Muller-Teut during the Prime Minister’s International Business Award last Friday at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

Mr Muller-Teut said the theme for this year’s Prime Minister’s International Business Awards was ‘Achieving Sustainable Economic Growth’.

“The importance of a sustainable economy cannot be emphasised enough. Sustainable development is about integrating all of our present day needs with the needs of society, the environment and global citizenship, in a way that does not compromise future generations,” he said.

“It is great pleasure and joy to be here tonight (07/07/17), amongst the very people who are the engines of Fiji’s growing economy.

“You embody each in your specific way, what we need in Fiji today to foster inclusive growth, as we strive for excellence and benchmark ourselves amongst the best in the world.”

He said there was an immense flame of creativity and entrepreneurship burning in Fiji and through the awards they would commend bright ideas and ventures, unique products and services that stand out from the rest.

“The awards are a perfect platform for you to share the stories of your success,” he said.

“The 2017 Prime Minister’s International Business Awards will recognise innovative minds, achievements, tenacity, leadership and aspirations of excellence.

“For the 2017 Awards, we have launched a dedicated new website highlighting the award categories, featuring an online application form and showcasing the success of previous year’s winners.

We have also established a dedicated Facebook page, as well as a Twitter and Instagram account. We believe that social media is the ideal platform to showcase the winners of the award whilst providing you with regular updates.”

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