Be prepared

A vehicle wades through floodwaters in Vunivau, Labasa. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

A vehicle wades through floodwaters in Vunivau, Labasa. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

Fiji Meteorological Service director Ravind Kumar has warned Fijians to be prepared as a low pressure system that was developing to the West of Fiji was likely to intensify into tropical cyclone come the weekend.

This warning comes at a time when our friends in the West and North are reeling from the effects of the heavy downpour and flash flooding that caused damage to infrastructure, household properties, root crops and claimed at least five lives. PM Bainimarama urged citizens in the West to remain steadfast in their efforts to clean up homes and rebuild their lives.

He took time out to visit areas affected by flood. Companies and individuals made trips to the affected areas with food, water and other rations. My gratitude to those who have helped the needy!

Now back to Mr Kumar’s warning, which I feel must be taken seriously. The weather office makes predictions based on the movement of the depression and things could change so the nation must brace itself for rainfall, flooding and cyclone.

Necessary arrangements must be made and we must not be caught by surprise. We must also expect a hike in price of fruits and vegetables especially in the West.

Damage resulting from TC Josie could amount to more than one million but we can’t do much when the fury of nature intensifies. Schools in the West and North remained close because of the impact of flooding and parents must take extreme care of children.

The adverse weather can be disastrous if appropriate action is not taken.

Therefore, I plead with each one to be safe and to take precautions. We would not want another life to be lost as a result of any mishap.

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