Be mindful of audiences, hosts told

Minister for Education, Rosy Akbar. PICTURE: FILE

EDUCATION Minister Rosy Akbar is appealing to radio broadcasters to be mindful of their audiences when discussing certain content following complaints from the public about lewd discussions shared on air.

Ms Akbar said she was not aware of the issue as she was not an avid radio listener, but she appealed to radio broadcasters to be wary of their audience, especially children and students.

She said the ministry would raise the concerns with the radio stations in question.

“I appeal to radio broadcasters to be responsible and be mindful of their young audience who do not need to hear these form of conversations considering the analytical nature of our children and the social problems we have,” the minister said.

Concerned parent Asenaca Tabakanaca said a radio station’s talk show hosts with a huge youth following usually broadcast inappropriate content.

She said their discussions should be censored because people travelling in public transport vehicles had no control over what they could listen to.

“Sometimes, these presenters need to be mindful of what they discuss in these talk shows, I mean there are many pressing issues that we need to discuss rather than having this sort of talk,” she said

. Another parent, Shalvin Prakash said the media needed to be responsible and should be “modes of enlightenment for the populace”.

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