Be creative with your kitchenware

Do you feel like revamping your kitchenware? Wanting to change your dishes as some may now have cracks and chips?

Hosting friends and family over or simply wanting to re-stock to ensure you have what it takes when you actually decide to throw a party or family get together at home.

May be it’s time to visit MHCC, MH Superfresh or MaxVal-u stores for their wide range of tablewares such as plates, bowls, mugs, wine glasses and sets.

Feeling creative and organised? The Luminarc French brand they have in-store was introduced in 1958, first as a brand for glasses made of annealed glass, generalist tableware items with multiple glass materials that your will definitely fall in love with.

Feel creative’ is Luminarc’s brand baseline and it actually speaks for itself.

It invites everyone to be creative.

It offers a variety of clever glasses, plates, accessories, containers in a range of styles and décor that will allow you to be as daring as you want.

For seven decades, Luminarc has been expressing the French art-de-vivre in shapes, motives and colours for dishware that remains modern and convenient. And a source of inspiration: the brand encourages you to adopt the collections, adapt them to your tastes of the moment… And feel creative! Today more than ever, Luminarc brings creativity to your table.

At Luminarc, they think of your everyday life.

Therefore their products have qualities that are directly relevant to your daily life. Their glassware is non-porous and therefore hygienic.

Tempered glass items can go from fridge to microwave without any damage. Many of their pieces are designed to be stacked to facilitate storage in your kitchen.

Their glasses are made from Purity Certified Glass, a guarantee of perfect transparency. That is why you can trust them!

Luminarc collections: let your imagine run wild! Just imagine serving tiramisu in a stemmed glass, matched floral and graphic plates, mix colours and assert your style…

The creativity of the brand is not just about products and collections, but about what you do from day to day in your kitchen, with your interior, on your table… following your whims and ideas.

Luminarc invites you to be as original as you like!

So visit MHCC, MH Superfresh or MaxVal-u stores today and get that kitchenware dream set that will bring life to every meal you prepare!

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