‘Be cautious, plan trips’

LAND Transport Authority’s (LTA) board chairperson Vijay Maharaj has urged members of the public to be cautious on the roads as adverse weather is being experienced in some parts of the nation.

“Be cautious, plan trips well in advance and don’t take risks that could jeopardise you and other’s life,” Mr Maharaj said in a statement yesterday in light of the incidents reported during Tropical Cyclone (TC) Josie.

He has also pleaded with drivers to be vigilant on the roads as there had been a few cases of drivers trying to cross flooded roads.

“When you try to cross flooded roads, you do not know the risks you are putting yourself and your passengers in, there could be a sinkhole or debris that could be fatal,” he said.

Meanwhile, the LTA sends its condolences to the families who lost their loved ones because of the effects of TC Josie.

“In this adverse weather, please do not go on long road trips as the chances of your motor vehicle getting stuck due to a flood, landslide or any related disaster is high,” he said.

Mr Maharaj encourages drivers to update themselves with the weather bulletin and be aware of the road closures by the Fiji Roads Authority.

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