‘Be careful who you choose’

Riddhi Damodar. Picture: FILE

“BE extremely careful of who you choose as your leaders.”

These were the sentiments shared by National Federation Party (NFP) provisional candidate Riddhi Damodar while speaking to this newspaper recently.

“Whenever I meet a lot of youths and especially women, I try to explain to them that whatever happens inside Parliament is going to affect you,” she said.

“How you are going to live your lives, what sort of jobs will be available, what sort of wages you will be paid and so many things will be affected.

“So the vote you are going to cast is going to be very important and you need to be extremely careful whom you choose as your leaders.”

Ms Damodar said she would like to see more female representation in Parliament.

“This is because we need to have a balance of power between the number of men and women.

“That is going to significantly change the policies that we are considering and the solutions we are trying to propose.

“I do feel that women have stronger view points and with more women we will have better policies coming out of the august House.”

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